2802, 2017

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2802, 2017

Compare ACA replacement proposals with the current law.

An interactive tool from the Kaiser Family Foundation allows users to compare up to three proposals, including the Patient Freedom Act, Obamacare Replacement Act, and other legislative proposals

For a copy of the Tool, please click on the link below:


2202, 2017

Do you have questions about your 1095A?

As you prepare your taxes for 2016, this link form Get Covered IL. may be helpful. Be sure to contact your tax professional with any questions you may have regarding your specific situation.

February 14, 2017

Form 1095-A is an IRS form for individuals who enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through the Health Insurance Marketplace. It […]

2509, 2015

Why Invest in Life Insurance?

There is a simple response to that question. Life Insurance benefits our loved ones in the event we are unable to be there providing that financial support so crucial to their future.

We will take a moment to review some of the reasons to invest in life insurance in this article.

First, is the favorable tax treatment […]

1109, 2015

Preventive Care Services (Free) Under the Affordable Care Act

Medical care advances are commonplace today, and the resulting treatments become more frequent and costly, health care costs also increase. The purpose of health insurance is to help you pay for your healthcare. Your policy protects you and your family financially in the event of a serious illness or injury that could be very expensive. […]

1708, 2015

Umbrella/Excess Liability Policy


Have you ever thought about the sheer financial devastation a large lawsuit would cause to your future? The impact on you family savings for your retirement and college savings being placed at risk by an accident where you are judged to be at fault?

How much coverage do […]

1408, 2015

What To Do When Flooding Occurs

**Please note: This is a second installment to our first published post on 8/7/15


Any time there is heavy rain in your area, be sure to follow these simple safety rules:

•Listen to NOAA Weather Radio for current and forecasted conditions in your area.

•If flooding begins in your area, go to higher ground immediately. […]

708, 2015

Prepare and Protect Your Family from Flooding

If it seems like our area is experiencing the One Hundred Year Flood more often than previously, you are correct. We have experienced highly unusual and severe storms that have left basements flooded, power outages, and roadways impassible. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the rain, but we can take precautions to provide a safer outcome.

Inland Flooding

Inland […]

2207, 2015

Kids Off To College? Are You Covered? Review Our Insurance Checklist

Another group of Freshman prepare to begin their college careers this Fall. Plus, the upperclasspersons are preparing to either return to their school, or move to another school. This occasion requires thoughtful planning on the part of the students and their families. As parents, we need to make sure that our children are properly prepared, […]

107, 2015

Illinois Residents to Continue to Receive Subsidies for Health Insurance as Supreme Court Upholds Subsidies for all states.

The Supreme Court has ruled on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) case on June 25, 2015 King vs Burwell

The lawsuit contended that a four-word phrase buried deep within the law, “established by the state,” meant that the federal government couldn’t provide health insurance tax credits in those states that had not established an exchange, which […]