2708, 2012

All Baby Boomers Should Get Tested For Hepatitis C

Although we are not the authors of this article, which was released by Reuters on their web site, we felt it was very important and timely to share with our customers.  To view the article source CLICK HERE.

(Reuters) – All baby boomers should be tested for the hepatitis C virus, U.S. health officials said on Thursday, citing […]

907, 2012

Insurance Tips for Home Safety

Our home is our sanctuary, the place where we should always feel safe. However, there are hazards that we need to address in order to make our homes safer. The following is a list of safety tips. It is by no means complete, but if these items are addressed, your home is safer than it […]

2405, 2012

Severe Spring Weather Safety Tips

Spring weather can bring about severe storms. These storms can arise very quickly, so having a plan is crucial. Keep in mind that warning sirens are designed to be heard by those people outside, and may not be heard indoors. A NOAA weather radio can provide advanced warning of a storm or tornado. There are […]

2105, 2012

Insurance Quick Check

As your Independent Insurance Agency, we want you to be up to date on your insurance program. In this edition, we address some issues relevant to your homeowners policy.

We all have experienced some degree of decrease in market value of our homes. This has brought about a question as to why the coverage amount on […]

2105, 2012

Several Cost Saving Generic Drugs Are On The Way

If you’re taking prescription medications, you may be getting some good news shortly. During the next 18 months, the costs of some of the most widely used prescription medicines is expected to drop significantly. This is because generic versions of seven of the world’s 20 best-selling drugs should be hitting the market, including the top […]