Our Insurance Products

There is so much more to your insurance portfolio than price. Don’t let those ads for cheap insurance fool you; there is a difference in coverage and service between an independent insurance agency and an internet based marketing company masquerading as an insurance carrier.

We can also assist you in understanding the complex rating structures now involved in pricing your policies. A couple hints; take care of your financial house. Insurance Scoring does include a degree of credit scoring as well as stability of lifestyle, maintenance of your home, prior losses, and other factors.

Personal Insurance

We represent several very highly rated insurance carriers, known for their exceptional service and overall stable pricing for your Home, Auto, Boat and RV, and Umbrella Liability insurance needs. Representing several carriers gives us the opportunity to change your policy as your life changes. Insurance companies tend to have niches where they are the most competitive, and we can make sure that this is the case for your policies.

We have long established relationships with the underwriters and claim professionals of our carriers, and work with you and the claim representatives to assure that your claim receives the attention it deserves in a timely manner.

  • Umbrella Liability
  • Homeowners
  • Auto
  • Boat

Umbrella Liability

I consider this policy to be the single biggest bargain in insurance. An Umbrella Liability policy will provide not only protection from a large claim that may be presented against you alleging your negligence, but will cover the legal costs of that defense. There are limits of liability involved, and we can review this with you.


Your Homeowners policy provides coverage for most peoples’ single largest asset. Recent storms have caused some increases in the premiums, as well as some changes in the coverages included. This is where we can provide you with the information you need to make the best decision regarding your Homeowners policy. Deductibles and Coverage Limits can be reviewed to assure the policy is giving you the most for the least amount of premium.

This policy can include coverage for your boat, RV, jewelry and other valuable items. Be sure to let us know about any of these items so we can make sure they are properly protected.


Protecting your vehicles and providing coverage against claims against you arising out of your vehicles can be very expensive, especially with the wrong coverage. We advocate high limits of liability so in the event that truly unfortunate accident occurs, it does not devastate your family’s financial future. Just think of how quickly medical bills can accumulate, then add in lost wages and claims for “pain and suffering”, and your liability limits can be exhausted, leaving you to fend for yourself.

Carry the highest deductibles that make sense. Turning in small claims only drives your premiums up, so take advantage of the premium savings for small claims.

Boat and RV

We can either write your boat and recreational vehicles on your existing home and auto policies, or write standalone policies if that is beneficial. Small boats to large yachts can be written through our agency’s carriers.

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“I have worked mostly with Ken Grooms. I write my home and auto policies with Ken. When I was selecting an agency; there are a lot of them out there. I chose Ken since I know that he cares and would make sure I had the proper coverage with pricing in mind. I am currently looking at writing life insurance with Chris Grooms; she has been very responsive in providing my different product options. I have called the agency on numerous occasions; Bernie and Vicky are extremely friendly and helpful. I have recommended this agency, when I have had the opportunity.”

5 Stars

~ Ginny Majer of Grange Insurance
Rates Grooms Insuranceat 5 Stars!

Commercial Insurance

We also represent several of the highest rated commercial lines carriers. These carriers have been chosen for their outstanding service, but their stable underwriting and pricing. From the small main street business to the contractor, to the larger manufacturer, we have carriers that have an appetite for your protection.
We have represented most of these carriers for decades, and have established working relationships with the underwriters and claim professionals to assure the best treatment for our clients.

  • Commercial Auto
  • Business Owners
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Umbrella Liability

Commercial Auto

We can accommodate the fleet of vehicles from one to fifty and provide the coverages, service, and pricing for those vehicles. We can review your Liability Limits, Owned and Non Owned coverages to assure you have the proper information to make that decision on your coverage.

Business Owners

From the Main Street Shop with its unique character to the large company producing large revenues and payrolls, we can evaluate and make recommendations on your coverages. We can explain the coverages that are often overlooked, such as Cyber Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Data Breach, and others that present real exposures to your business, but aren’t as obvious as the Products and Premises exposures you currently have on your standard policy.

Workers Compensation

Illinois currently has one of the worst Workers Compensation Acts in the nation, and our employers are paying a premium for this program. We search out the best carriers for your protection and help you understand how to protect your employees while keeping your premiums to the lowest level possible.


Like the Personal Umbrella Liability Policy, the Commercial Umbrella Liability Policy is a true bargain. This policy can provide a significant layer of protection over your General Liability and Commercial Auto Liability coverages and even some additional coverages. Plus the defense costs of a large claim could prove catastrophic in addition to the actual injury costs.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Grooms Insurance Associates for several years. The service and knowledge that Ken and his team constantly provide is unmatched by any provider I have dealt with in the past. The responsiveness and professionalism shown by everyone at Grooms Insurance has far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Grooms Insurance Associates to anyone looking for personal or commercial insurance.”

5 Stars

~ Andy Migacz of Lake Zurich
Rates Grooms Insurance at 5 Stars!

Life Insurance

The old adage is that you don’t buy Life Insurance for yourself. You buy it for your loved ones. In the event of your untimely death, this policy can allow your family to continue living in their home, attend college, and have those things you dreamed you would supply to them.

It is also a vehicle for saving as the premiums you put into a life policy earn interest and can be deducted tax free.

It can also be used to leave a legacy for one’s children or grandchildren after the policyholder has passed away.

  • Term
  • Whole Life
  • Universal Life
  • Annuities
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“I have been working with Chris at Grooms Insurance for over 2 years now. I found myself in need of health insurance and did not even know where to start. Chris did all the leg work, and presented me with my options. Since the past 2 years if there is a change or extra info on health insurance, I am contacted by Chris “before” I receive anything from my provider. She keeps me well informed and I could not imagine going through the current NEW changes to the health care without her and her team!”

5 Stars

~ Chris Snider of The Arboretum Club
Director of Sales and Catering Rates Grooms Insurance at 5 Stars!

Health Insurance

Health Insurance Is now required, or you may owe a tax penalty.
Most Americans who can afford health insurance must have coverage by Jan. 1, 2014 or pay a tax beginning at $95 per adult or 1 percent of annual income (whichever is greater) in 2014 and increasing to $695 per adult or 2.5 percent of annual income (whichever is greater) by 2016.

  • Individual
  • Group
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Long Term Care
  • Disability
  • International Travel

Why do you need Health Insurance?
You may be healthy now, but the onset of a sudden or serious illness (cancer, diabetes, appendicitis) or a traumatic event (ski accident, car crash) can leave you with staggering medical bills. The inability to pay high medical bills, one of the most common reasons people file for personal bankruptcy, can ruin your credit history and set you back for years.

You won’t have access to preventive care and primary care.
The law requires insurers to cover annual checkups and preventive care – mammograms, vaccinations, colonoscopies, and prostate cancer screenings – without a co-pay. That means you’re more likely to stay healthy and catch health problems early, when they’re easier and less expensive to treat. Policies also must provide a minimum standard of care known as essential health benefits in 10 categories: preventive and wellness services, ambulatory (outpatient) care services, emergency care, hospitalization, maternity and newborn care, pediatric care, mental health and substance use disorder services, prescription drugs and rehabilitative and habilitative services (specialized therapies and medical equipment to help people facing long-term disabilities).

Even healthy, young people benefit from this kind of health insurance coverage. “Contrary to popular belief, young adults have a need for preventive care, checkups and chronic disease management, whether they have asthma, diabetes or another condition,” said Sarah Dash, a research professor at Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms. “Well-woman care is critically important, too. Young women who might be thinking of starting a family down the road need to take care of themselves in their 20s.”

You may have trouble getting follow-up care.
Hospital emergency departments traditionally care for patients with urgent needs, such as broken bones or head injuries stemming from an accident, regardless of their ability to pay. “But your ability to get necessary follow-up care, rehab care or whatever service you need to get back as much full function as possible is going to require coverage or a fair amount of money,” said Ellen Pryga, director of policy for the American Hospital Association.

You may miss out on options to offset coverage costs.
For the first time in history, people with moderate and low incomes will be eligible for tax credits and subsidies to offset the cost of premiums and out-of-pocket expenses for plans sold in the state-based health insurance marketplaces (also known as “exchanges”) created by the Affordable Care Act.

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“I have had the pleasure of working with Grooms Insurance Associates of Lake Zurich. Chris Grooms is truly an expert in her field. She is proactive in communicating upcoming changes to my policy with alternative options that may better find my needs. She is also a great resource for Affordable Care Act questions. I will refer my clients to Chris whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

5 Stars

~ Brian Daly of Hawthorn Woods
Rates Grooms Insurance at 5 Stars!